Adellaine Karm
Full Name: Adellaine Eliska Karm
Alias(es): Adell
Title(s): Lady, Professora
Status: unknown
Mother: Amaryllis
Father: A Karm
Bloodline(s): not publicly known
Birth1: 350 BC
Death: Living
Height: unclear
Hair Color: "Gull-wing" Roan
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Age: old enough
OOC Info
Theme Song: unknown
Played By: unknown

Professora Adellaine Eliska Karm, daughter of Amaryllis Solaris, is a field researcher specializing in anthropology. She is a known practioner of Illumin candle-magic, a fact that she claims has aided her quite well in surviving her explorations and were fundamental in writing new books for the Chantris library. Her own room in Karm Manse is rumored to be a library as well, with good lighting and a bed tossed in as an afterthought.

She's a bit of an odd fruit on the Solaris family tree, as her temperament was not bent in a military fashion. She has taken up the Solaris tradition of music, however, her own weapon of choice being the violin.

She was back in Amber at the request of her cousin Beatrice, to help run the affairs of Solaris while Beatrice was otherwise occupied; she is not an heir to the House, but rather a responsible member in the wrong place (above ground) at the right time.

She is the mother of Gilgamesh Jackson Karm.
Yes, this means she survived Gerard.


Auburn curls are controlled by a loose bun held with Penglai hairsticks. The blue-green eyes are framed by gull-wing roan brows over distinct cheekbones in a heart shaped face. The viperish jaw supports rosebud lips prone to wry quirks, if the faint lines are any indication.

Her clothes mark her as a Lady, but the styles seem to be from all about shadow…the black and emerald silk blouse-jacket cries Jade, especially with that Nehru collar; the matching skirts suggest Begma; the black boots have a Lyonesse flair about them; the verdant folding fan, trimmed in black, must be from Montevalno. The small baubles of gold at her ears could be Minosan.


by Prince Gerard

by an unknown father

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