Adrianna d'Paloma
Full Name: Adrianna Karm d'Paloma
Alias(es): Adri
Title(s): Contessa
Status: unknown
Mother: Alejandra Karm
Father: Marcello of Paloma
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: {$birth}
Death: {$death}
Height: ~5'6"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Age: old enough
OOC Info
Theme Song: unknown
Played By: unknown

Adrianna is the daughter Marcello, Duke of the Principality of Paloma and Alejandra of Karm. As such, she is half-sister to Princess Rose. It is through Alejandra that Adri gains her ties to Solaris— her mother is half-Solaris, and sister to Adellaine. Despite being somewhere in the realm of a century old, Adrianna is only a recent arrival to Amber, having spent the majority of her life in Montevalno. It is even more recently that she has come to Chantris and Solaris, her reasons for doing so currently unspoken. Those in the know speak of her as a graduate of the famed Collegia, and some in Amber whisper the name 'Phoenix' in her wake.

She was engaged for a time to Valentine, but that has since broken off while the two pursue their other passions and Duty.

Adri seems to have a passion for tattoos, as evidenced by the full back piece she often bares proudly. Rumor has it that for the right people and the right price, she is a skin artist herself, and that her talents go beyond just ink on skin.


A finely crafted mask blocks the majority of the lady's face from view, carefully tooled leather brought into the form of a phoenix. Glazed over in shimmering gold, crimson, and bronze, feathers have been painstakingly etched out, bringing the creation to life. Blue eyes are made all the more bright by the black eyeshadow that surrounds them. Her lips are painted a metallic gold, almost as if cast in the metal. What can be seen of her skin is tanned, and the woman stands at perhaps five and the half. Dark brown hair, streaked with highlights of brilliant reds and dirty blondes, falls just short of her shoulders, the cut jagged. Around her throat is a choker of jet and ruby beads.

Black, daring, the dress that she wears begins with fabric twisting around her neck, then flowing down over her chest. It skims close to her curves, all the way down to the floor where there is a slight flare and the fabric pools, whispering secrets with every step. The back of the dress is nearly non-existant, two strips of transparent black with a phoenix on each side serving more as an elegant frame for her tattoo than anything. Red, gold, and copper fabric trails along her backside, down to the ground, the layers giving the apperance of folded wings. Her only jewelry are four matching rings, two on each hand, that seem to be crafted of blue-white flames that cast no heat.

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