Byrony Karanis
Full Name: Byrony Ynoryb Karanis
Alias(es): none
Title(s): Baron
Status: unknown
Mother: Claribelle Karanis
Father: unknown
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: unknown
Death: Living
Height: unknown
Hair Color: Silver-white
Eye Color: Violet
Apparent Age: unclear
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: none

Byrony has recently spent a great deal of time among the Shadow realms, in particular in a shadow named Winterer, where ice cities are scattered like a diadem of stars around black and white crags partially covered in snow. There he seeks the tomb of the erstwhile Baron Karanis. Yet the effects of the Black Road on Winterer and the mother glaciers of her ice cities disturbs him; invested with a shadow power that resembles that of House Karanis the Resonance Keepers are failing in their tasks, the ice spires are less steady than they have ever been. Their gift is failing…with a terrible discovery, Byrony returns to Amber burdened by knowledge.


Incongruity lies in the attributes and physical features of Byrony Ynoryb Karanis; youth and age seem to vie for dominance and a glance is perhaps as telling as a psychological print in what one sees first. The violet of his eyes, deep wells full of passion and intelligence. Pale skin, cheekbones high and prominant, a marble sculpture touched with the spark of life. The shocking white-silver of his neatly trimmed hair and glitter of stubble-as-stars across his jaw. His slender, wiry body would be lanky but for the broadness of his shoulders. Youth or elder, remains an impression in the eye of the beholder.

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