Cecilia Karm
Full Name: Cecilia Harsborough Karm
Alias(es): Ceci
Title(s): none
Status: a Karm with Solaris blood
Mother: Adellaine Karm
Father: unknown
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: unknown
Death: Living
Height: Average
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Blue
Apparent Age: unknown
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: none

Cecilia Karm is the daughter of Adellaine Karm (making her Gilgamesh's sister) and a scholar from Begma. She grew up in that land but is a social pariah there right now for some publicly stated, highly controversial views. In Amber she's a perfectly normal Karm, studying Ilumen candle magics and alchemy, eating lots of pastries, and researching other, esoteric matters. That a Begman does actual magic and eschews all science might be notable, or might not.


She is a young woman, and right around average height. Pretty, but in an odd way — her blue eyes are spaced a little too far apart, her nose is a little too pointed. She's not really plump but edging toward it, nicely rounded. Dark hair is usually piled atop her head and she tends to wear a pair of Begman-style spectacles — though with no extra attachments.

Her style of dress is also Begman, today in a skirt, blouse and vest clearly meant for laboratory work—browns and creams, and all sturdy. And yet, again, no devices, no tool belt, none of the accoutrements one might expect. It could be an affectation.

She wears a silver pendant about her neck, of a phoenix, wings spread, with a glass marble in its talons. Inside the marble is a swirling mote of fire. She carries a satchel, to hold her candles and other magical implements. She wears a sapphire and diamond ring on her left hand.

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