Full Name: Captain Rohan Damascus
Alias(es): Steel
Title(s): Captain of the Varuna
Status: Reclaimer of Chantris
Mother: Melody Chantris, Beloved Jewel of the Rama
Father: The River Rama (a river god of Tanus)
Bloodline(s): Chantris, Riverborn
Birth1: sometime before 600 BC
Death: Living
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black but salt-flecked
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 600+ years2
OOC Info
Theme Song: TBD
Played By: Swagat Hota

Public Knowledge


Damascus is a shapeshifter with a human form and a dragon form, or as he prefers to refer to it nagah form.

Human Form

Before you is a well-built fellow, of swarthy skin tone and subtle intensity. Rusty brown eyes, flecked incongruously with brilliant silver and tiny dots of copper, gaze out of a face in the prime of life. Crow's feet show around those eyes though, from wind and weather and squinting at the horizon, perhaps. Around the right eye socket, tane script has been inked in black and gold, into his skin in the shape of a crescent moon. The rests of his facial features look to be of tanus ancestry, with a strong, long nose, high cheekbones and an equally long jaw. His lips are expressive and thick, framed by a neat goatee and moustache as black as soot, matching thick, neat shoulder length hair that has but a slight peppering of silver at the temples, bangs touching down to frame his eyes and tickle at sideburns. He's on the tall side, with a swimmer's build, long of limb.

He is currently dressed in corsair attire - a loose tunic of rich blue fabric over a white shirt of flowing silk is tied by a azure sash that acts as a belt, from which hang prayer beads, a khopesh blade a spyglass and some small purses of elegant leatherwork. His legs are covered by loose pantaloons of black fabric, buttoned in a cuff just above supple calf boots that look comfortable. Silver piping and scrollwork in tane sanscrit form designs along the hems of tunic and as a median point to his belt sash. A caul of soft black leather sits on his shoulders, the hood peaked with a single silver tassle.

Nagah Form

Before you is a dragon of Tanus. Nagah-like, he resembles those noble beasts of Penglai, in that rather than traditionally bulky, he is long and sinewy — easily twenty five foot long, but only four and a half foot at the shoulder. His scales are a lustrous mixture of mother of pearl and palest aqua, dappled here and there with motes of emerald and flecks of sapphire, his points, mask and the tips of talon'd limbs a deep-sea indigo. His eyes are brilliant jewels of the River that he is born of, liquescent and shimmering fire opals, their depths incandscent with the promise of treasures upon the river's bed. The shape of his head seems to be a cross between a wolf and a crocodile in shape, with pronounced eye-ridges and multi-layered neck frills of transparent pale green, magnificent silver horns curling in spirals back from his crown. He sports a pair of sabre teeth from his upper jaw,one slightly longer than the other, which curl down and back from his muzzle like ivory scimitars. His toes have webbing between each one, his wings are the same transluscent blue-green as his frills and seem far more fragile than perhaps they truly are. When swimming, they would appear ghostly, no doubt.


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