Full Name: Dulcinea Chantris
Alias(es): Dulcy
Title(s): none
Status: unclear
Mother: Majalis
Father: Parris
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 145 BC
Death: Living
Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Apparent Age: unknown
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: none

Dulcinea Chantris is the second daughter of the late Duke (Parris) and the Dowager Duchess (Majalis) Chantris.

She is known to be very good with animals, speaking to animals and strange creatures, including nonverbal languages. She's also a musician and scholar of linguistics.

She was second only to Penelope, the eldest, and most perfect sister, who had been engaged to Stuart Feldane before Stuart was killed in a duel. Shortly after, Penelope was killed in a separate disaster.

After her older sister Penelope died, she became the Heir to Chantris but then became engaged, by arrangement, to Errol Feldane.


not captured


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