Full Name: Fiamme Dare Chantris
Alias(es): Fia
Title(s): formerly Acting Knight Commander of the Order of Clarity
Status: unknown
Mother: Yseult Chantris
Father: Renier Dare
Bloodline(s): Chantris
Birth1: ~250 BC
Death: Living
Height: 5'
Hair Color: Coal Black
Eye Color: unknown
Apparent Age: unknown
OOC Info
Theme Song: unknown
Played By: none

Family: Fiamme is around the same age as Beatrice, Cyrus, and Nathan — all of whom she grew up with, and considered herself close to for most of her life. She was Parris' niece, the child of Yseult of Chantris, and Renier of Dare. She has an elder sister (Arabella), and a brother (NPC, potentially missing or dead, not currently named on the family tree). She has a half sister on the Dare side (Minna Dare), with the potential for other illegitimate siblings to be discovered. Fiamme is known to have close ties to some of the younger members of Feldane, as well as her Aunt Irene.

Gifts/Occupation: Fiamme is a musical, not a nautical Chantris. She proved liable to spectacular bouts of seasickness in even the calmest weather. A keen horsewoman, she joined the Order of Clarity (sworn to Bleys) about twenty years prior to Corwin's return. She rose to become Knight Commander, less through distinguished service than attrition. All but a handful of the Knights of Clarity were killed defending Amber under Benedict's command, in the weeks leading up to Corwin taking the Regency. Their numbers have since been replenished.

The Order of Clarity (Bleys): Fiamme has served Amber primarily in a diplomatic capacity, working to maintain peace between the noble houses. Avoiding vendetta, mediating, and occasionally auditing roles are all the core business of the Order of Clarity. However, in times of crisis, even the non-martial knightly orders have been pressed into service, and Fiamme has strong links with the Amber military as a result. She's known to have served under the command of Benedict and Julian as part of Amber Expeditionary forces.

The Black Mark: It was more than whispered that Fiamme was one of those seeking treatment by Mandrake for symptoms of infection by the Black Road, as a result of her active military service. Her abrupt departure from Amber, and year long absence, added fuel to the Black Mark rumours. She is frequently seen in the company of people suspected or known to bear the taint of Chaos.

Banishment and Return: Fiamme was banished from all Chantris holdings and dealings for her affiliation with Corwin and Banyan for a period of months. After some time, this banishment was lifted and she has moved back into the manor.


Fiamme's pin-prick freckles are her more noticeable features, after her lack of height. She stands just under five feet tall. Her hair appears carefully arranged, coal black and glossy, as it never was by nature, and significantly longer than it was.

She wears a near-timeless dress of green velvet that might be at home in a number of shadows. On one index finger is a paler patch of skin, suggesting she used to wear a ring. On one sleeve is a black band, signifying mourning, and she appears unarmed.

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