Gallenus (NPC, Deceased)
Full Name: Gallenus Chantris
Alias(es): none
Title(s): none
Status: Dead
Mother: James' Wife
Father: James Chantris
Bloodline(s): Chantris
Birth1: 215 BC
Death: 36 BC
Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
OOC Info
Played By: none

Gallenus and his twin brother Gaspar were James Chantris' only sons known to date. He was married to a Minosian woman named Grace (d.100 BC) who died in childbirth delivering their son who Gallenus raised as a Chantris.

Decades after his wife's death, Gallenus had an on-and-off again romance with Princess Flora. In 36 BC, he and his ship was lost at sea with all hands.


by his wife Grace

by Princess Deirdre2

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