Henrik Solaris (Deceased)
Full Name: Henrik Benedikt Solaris
Alias(es): Henry
Title(s): none
Status: Dead
Mother: Beatrice
Father: Prince Benedict
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 95 BC
Death: 3
Height: unknown
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: unknown
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: unknown

Henry was born roughly 100 years before the black road invasion to his mother, Beatrice Solaris. As soon as he was adult, like her, he joined the Defenders of Kolvir, eventually rising beneath her command to be a Lt-Colonel, and upon her retirement, took over her former post as Colonel and XO of the Defenders.

Upon Beatrice and Benedict's reunion a few months after the beginning of the war, it was revealed to all that Benedict was his father, though this was well known within the family for some time.

Henry has been generally understood to embody the Solaris tendencies of high moral character and a stern, martial approach to life. He has also been known to be a musician and public speaker of no little skill, and to be well-loved by his men, preferring to lead in the realm of morality by example rather than lecturing.

Not long after his parents' marriage, Henry resigned/retired his commission with the army and it was expected that he would take on the duties of Heir of Solaris. Then, shortly before Benedict crowned himself King of Amber, Henry vanished into shadow on some errand. When he returned, the family was given to understand that he was now not only corrupted by the Black Road, but tied to or tainted by Banyan, Corwin's realm in far shadow. Consequently, he was banished from all Chantris (Solaris) holdings or events.

He was later killed by his uncle, Prince Caine, when he went chaos mad and tried to kill Caine. This is not widely known.


Note: Henry was played twice. Apparently staff wouldn't give access to the "Henry" character bit when Beatrice and Benedict recruited a new player to play their son after the original player had gone idle. Because of that there is also a "Henrik" character bit. These are the same character.

Henry's Description

Henry is tall and lithe, with an athlete's build. Keen hazel eyes are set in a strong-featured face, with high cheek bones and a dimpled chin that sits at the end of a long jawline. The hardness of his face is softened by a mass of short golden curls atop his head, that resembles a mop of fine straw.

He wears a grey-accented, brown gambeson, with indicators that mark him a Colonel in the Defenders of Kolvir. At his belt hangs an ornate, but functional, saber.

Henrik's Description

not captured

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