House Karanis
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House Leader Lara Karanis is acting Baroness
House Colors Pale and dark blue
House Crest Bleu-celeste, an azure flask tipped toward the sinister with argent accent. (shown to the left)
House Motto The Sound and the Silence
House Location House Karnis (the physical building) is located in Amber at Grand Promenade and Sceptre Way. (On the MUSH, from just outside House Chantris this is due west.)

The Karanis are the finest glasscrafters in Amber (A title challenged only by the Mirror-makers of of Remba), holding the secrets for many exotic formulae for distinct blends of color, texture and style. The quality of Karanis glass-work is instantly recognizable by its quality and by its distinctive tone when struck.


Although it is considered a minor house in Amber, it is also an ancient one dating back to the early days of Amber's history along with the main Chantris line which it maintains close ties of alliance and blood with to this day.

The title of Baron Karanis has passed hands frequently in the past decade. Crispin was acclaimed Baron in <RL year 2010> after Byrony had been missing for years (the family largely seems to feel that he is dead) and Lara succeeded him around <RL year 2015> after he stepped out of public life.


Karanises hold their magic as a tightly held family secret; however those with reason to know say their power comes from sound.

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