Joscelyn (NPC)
Full Name: Joscelyn Chantris
Alias(es): none
Title(s): Lady
Status: in good standing
Mother: Chloe
Father: Sebastian Chantris
Bloodline(s): Chantris
Birth1: 485 BC
Death: Living
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Apparent Age: Late 50s
OOC Info
Played By: Dee Wallace

Joscelyn is the only daughter of Sebastian Chantris. She is an antiquarian and has researched the history of Minos and the family's interactions with that shadow. She spent more than a decade living on Cameron in Minos about a hundred and sixty years ago. Recently a Minosian pirate sailor, Rian, has claimed to be her son; Duke Cyrus appears to have accepted this claim and Jocelyn has not spoken out against this "fact".


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