Full Name: Liam Chantris
Alias(es): none
Title(s): 1st Baron of Ashe Cairne
Status: in good standing
Mother: Princess Deirdre
Father: Corbin Chantris
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 143 BC
Death: Living
Height: unknown
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Apparent Age: Adult
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: Tom Sturridge

Liam Chantris is the son of Her Royal Highness Princess Deirdre and Lord Corbin Chantris. The story goes that Corbin Chantris was a Moon Court regular who, as an Official Lord, attempted to do as little work as possible but engage in as much sport and drink and stories as he could possibly fit into his body. He was determined to live his life as a wastrel and layabout.

One day, against all odds, Corbin managed to charm Princess Deirdre with a particularly bawdy poem sung on a fine lute and had one spectacular summertime in the company of Her Royal Highness. The end result of this union was Liam Chantris, a highly sensitive, artistic young man with a very keen interest in art, books, prose, poetry and the art of the essay but who seems to have manifested not one drop of Chantris blood.

Liam was raised almost entirely by his mother, for whom he has a very close affinity. He spent all his time in Amber and in Rebma without too much interest in business or travel to the Golden Circle although he grew up around the children of the Duke and Duchess Chantris and was close as a child to "Aunt" Beatrice Solaris. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, he became very agitated and suddenly left all his friends and his life and disappeared off into Shadow a bit over thirty years ago. He has returned to Amber just as agitated as he left, if not more so.

Corbin Chantris is still very much living and lives in his house in the country. But it takes an effort of will to rouse him from his books, papers and wine.

Liam is cursed with looking just like his Uncle Corwin. Very good looking!


Liam is the spitting image of a young Corwin. He could be mistaken for his uncle in the wrong light. Dark shaggy hair falls to his shoulders, bright blue eyes peer from beneath bangs, and he moves with the thin, athletic grace of a swordfighter. He may not be the prettiest — he has to cede that title to his uncle — but he is in the running.

Liam looks like he's been in Far Shadow for a while. He's bearded and looking a bit rugged around the edges. He's wearing the kind of gear one expects from being out in Shadow — the long black duster over a faded black t-shirt, the multi-purpose khaki pants to hold knives and survival gear, the heavy boots, and the worn katana slung over his left shoulder for an easy draw with a right hand.

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