Lucinda (NPC)
Full Name: Lucinda Chantris-de'Mandrake
Alias(es): none
Title(s): none
Status: in good standing, Mandrake
Mother: Lianne
Father: Seius Chantris
Bloodline(s): Chantris
Birth1: 400 BC
Death: Living
Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Apparent Age: unknown
OOC Info
Played By: none

Lucinda was raised by her father, older brothers and servants. She grew up aware of her mother's death in childbirth delivering her which lead to her obsession with Life that drew her to her husband, Savio de'Mandrake, and his family.

The marriage agreement between the houses had a clause which stated that the first birth and every odd numbered birth would be given the Mandrake name and even numbered births would be given the Chantris name, unless twins were born. The first set of twins were promised to bear the Chantris name and they would alternate, births after twins restart the original pattern.


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