Lucrezia de'Mandrake
Full Name: Lucrezia Bianca de'Mandrake
Alias(es): Lucy
Title(s): former Duchess de'Mandrake
Status: unknown
Mother: Elizabeth Chantris
Father: Cosimo de'Mandrake
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: unknown
Death: Living
Height: Average
Hair Color: Reddish gold
Eye Color: Creamy dark blue
Apparent Age: early to mid 20s
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Eldest legitimate daughter of former Duke de'Mandrake, Cosimo, Lucretia is a known adventuress who was married three times with unhappy endings in each case (once to Prince Brand of Amber), she throws herself with vim and cheerful yet flirtatious determination into everything she does.

Lucy was the Royal Physician to the Crown. As such anyone even remotely connected to the Royal Family is able to come see her on medical matters or for consultation, although no longer for free.

Lucy is a researcher and academician as well as a doctor. She has been working for a long time on trying to find a 'cure' for the Black Road's taint.

Lucy also pursues other research projects as they come up, medical or otherwise. Those with need of researchers may find her helpful.

As an adventuress, Lucy's present and ongoing itinerary for travel includes Montevalno, Kitezh and Cibola.


Appearing to be in her early to mid twenties, Lucretia is not more than average in height. However, she is a demure package of a woman, with long, thick reddish gold hair which falls below her hips when it's allowed to. A thick fringe covers her forehead, falling almost to the delicately pointed arch of her eyebrows, eyes slanting slightly exotically, irises a creamy dark blue. Her face is heart-shaped, chin delicately pointed, her lips full save when pulled thin in disapproval or in a sleek, feline smile.

She wears what could best be described as a black leather swimsuit with a high neckline, a zipper drawing down the front. It leaves her arms and shoulders bare, hugging her everywhere else from throat down to hips, the high cut leaving her thighs entirely bare. With this, she wears a pair of tall leather boots that buckle relentlessly at the ankle and above and below the knee, the turn of the cuff being just above the knee.

Black leather bracers are embossed with a blood red dragon limned in gold from wrist to halfway to the elbow, and she wears a long coat over it all, drawn closed over the knives strapped to her thighs, the whip worn round her hips as some sort of braided belt. The coat's collar stands up; it is black, embroidered with ruby gold thread at the cuffs and collar, and the buttons are embossed with black dragons with ruby eyes. Her hair is worn piled atop her head and held in place with combs of carved jade. She wears a ring of heavy gold on one hand.


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