Full Name: Majalis Chantris (nee Perrine)
Alias(es): none
Title(s): Lady, formerly the Duchess and Dowager Duchess of Chantris
Status: unknown
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown Perrine
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 325 BC
Death: Living
Height: Average Height
Hair Color: Snowy Silver with streaks of gold
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Apparent Age: unknown
OOC Info
Played By: none

Majalis is the widow of the late Duke Parris. She left some time ago, however, and hasn't been seen since.


She is taller than some and shorter than some, in no way to be unusual for many.

Perhaps her hair was golden once. There are brilliant hints of it threaded throughout the snowy silver that crowns her head, this now pulled into an emerald-banded chignon at her nape. Her face may seem young, all smooth pale skin over sharp cheekbones and mouth and chin and around unwreathed eyes the color and demeanor of wet hematite.

Heavy white lace undercuffs do little to hide her spidery fingers. Her deep green damask gown fails to mitigate the sparseness of her frame: the gold sash tightly belted above her hips punctuates her lack of waist and the absence of physiological largesse above or below that point.


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