Melina Solaris
Full Name: Melina Katherina Rose Solaris
Alias(es): called Mellie by her husband Dirk
Title(s): Lady, Deputy Praxis
Status: in good standing
Mother: Clarine
Father: Earhardt Solaris
Bloodline(s): Lyonne
Birth1: 73 BC
Death: Living
Height: 5'1"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Apparent Age: mid 20s
OOC Info
Theme Song: "How Did You Love" by Shinedown
Played By: Emilie de Ravin

Melina is the daughter of Princess Clarine, High Lady of Benoic in Lyonesse, and Lord Earhardt Solaris, brother of Beatrice. She is the sister of Lorana Solaris and the late Sir Taran Solaris as well as the wife of Dirk, formerly disavowed son of Prince Caine and one time adopted son of Prince Gerard. She has only recently returned to full public life in Amber, having written herself into the pages of a book to grieve in solitude following her brother Taran's death. Upon her return from her sojourn between the pages, she has dedicated herself to helping her cousin Lord Proxy Pascal Solaris with the family affairs.

While fully committed to the Solaris family and ideals, she is the peacemaker of the clan generally preferring managing conflict through discourse over the battlefield. She is not a wallflower by any means, though she has a voracious appetite for books and commitment to learning the ancient lore and magics of both her Chantris and Lyonne heritage. She can often be seen visiting Arden where both Dirk and his son Alec serve as Rangers. Her penchant for peace knows its limits when facing evil in its purest form including the Black Road and Agents of Chaos. She, like her brother, is committed to the restoration of Lyonesse.

She briefly served as Praetor under Prince Bleys in 2010 and was recently appointed as Deputy Praxis serving under Prince Carmichaael, who was appointed Lord Praxis by Prince Gerard.


Golden curls, grace a snow white forehead, but more often than not threaten to fall across the emerald green eyes that peer out from the youthful face. A pert little nose has a slight upturn over a set of thin pink lips.

She presently wears a long cream colored tunic with the emblem of the Solaris sun. A brown cloak is draped over her shoulders which matches her brown riding pants. Black riding boots protect her feet. When the hood is down it reveals free flowing golden locks.

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