Nathan (NPC, Deceased)
Full Name: Nathan Chantris
Alias(es): none
Title(s): none
Status: Dead
Mother: Esperensia
Father: Claudio Chantris
Bloodline(s): Chantris
Birth1: 275 BC
Death: 3 BC
Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
OOC Info
Played By: none

The late, heroic, adventurous Nathan Chantris was beloved by many in the family and was especially close to his first cousins, Cyrus and Beatrice. Betrothed back home in a match arranged by his family, he set sail on what became his final voyage about a decade before Corwin's return to Amber, and was last heard from heading towards a particular island chain in Sukho… and then was never heard from again. Later it was learned he'd married an island girl there, and had a daughter, Imre-Ulani. Also, previous to that (and unknown to him), he had sired Veronica in Montevalno to a commoner.

His was a great voice and a great spirit, and he is still mourned by many.


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