Nigel Feldane
Full Name: Nigel Aurilius Feldane
Alias(es): Gelly
Title(s): none
Status: in good standing
Mother: Calliope Karanis
Father: Adney Feldane
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 450 BC
Death: Living
Height: unknown
Hair Color: Balding with greyish-white hair
Eye Color: Behind glasses
Apparent Age: Adult
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: none

Brother of Chastigyr, a lawyer by training and profession. Feldane.

Nigel was a magistrate under Oberon's reign, and is centuries old. Recently, he has returned from Begma, and accepted a post as Lord Counsel to King Benedict. He is known to be old, and crotchety - but most put up with this, as he appears to wield a significant degree of legal authority.

He is of House Feldane, and has some relation to Chantris as well. It is said that he maintains friendly (if anything he does can be called such) relations with both houses - though Feldane is certainly his allegiance.


Despite being crooked and weathered, there is an air of stern power about this gentleman. He is clean-shaven, and his scalp shines as though polished daily. A limp mass of greyish-white hair rings around his mirrored dome. Bland circular spectactles nestle upon his bulbous nose, and his jowls droop heavily. The physique is best described as 'well-rested'. Sobriety and certainty suit him. It is easy to see that he is accustomed to being either feared or respected.

Today he wears a simple black outfit - black jacket, tails, breeches, shoes; with a white shirt and stockings. Ruffles appear at the cuff and breast of his shirt. His cane is of mahogany and silver, and sees use when he walks. Also of note is a plain golden ring, worn upon his left ring finger.

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