NPCs, Inactive PCs, and the Deceased

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The characters on this page are either NPCs associated with the house(s), characters who have died (NPC or PC), or characters who are inactive because their players' haven't connected to the MUSH in a year or more.


Chantris NPCs

Unnamed Chantris NPCs

Karanis NPCs

Solaris NPCs

Unnamed Solaris NPCs

Associates & Retainers


Deceased Chantrises


  • Parris (former Duke Chantris; Last Connected: Wed Apr 20 21:45:06 2016)
  • Penelope (a.k.a. Nel; Last Connected: Fri Sep 5 05:30:16 2008)


Unnamed Deceased Chantris NPCs

Deceased Karanises


Deceased Solarises


  • Henrik (a.k.a. "Henry", son of Beatrice, killed by his uncle Caine; Last connected: Sun Sep 21 17:56:36 2008 as Henry; Last connected: Sun Aug 30 15:28:33 2015 as Henrik)
  • Taran (Killed by Igraine of Lyonesse on Feb 7 2012 during the second major battle of the invasion of Albion; Last connected: Wed Jan 4 20:45:11 2017)


Deceased Associates & Retainers

None Known Yet


Inactive Chantrises

Inactive Karanises

Inactive Solarises

Inactive Associates & Retainers


Unclear Status/Association and Inactive

  • GoodCat (Last connected: Tue Feb 10 17:55:45 2015)
  • Malcolm Drake (Last connected: Fri Mar 25 11:13:51 2016)
  • Nigel Aurilius Feldane (Last connected: Sat Nov 24 14:48:25 2012)
  • Qeng (Last connected: Thu Dec 31 22:43:15 2015)
  • Renerdine (Last connected: Wed May 13 21:52:50 2015)
  • Svetlana (Last connected: Fri Nov 14 06:17:05 2014)
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