Taran Solaris (Deceased)
Full Name: Taran Solaris
Alias(es): none
Title(s): former Lord Proxy of House Solaris, Red Knight of the Chromatic Order of Lyonesse, Trooper in the West Amber Flying Cavalry
Status: dead
Mother: Clarin
Father: Earhardt Solaris
Bloodline(s): unknown
Birth1: 92 BC
Death: 10
Height: ~6'
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Arctic Blue
OOC Info
Theme Song: none
Played By: none

Son of Princess Clarine, High Lady of Benoic in Lyonesse, and Lord Earhardt Solaris, brother of Beatrice, Taran was known for being a serious, courteous, honorable andchivalrous Knight of the Chromatic Order, an order of Knights summoned by the land of Lyonesse itself. Not yet a hundred years old, he was also named the Crown Advisor for matters pertaining to Lyonesse under Benedict's reign, and was credited by some with the rescue of the Graal and the return of it to Lyonesse. He ruled House Solaris as Lord Proxy in his father's name.


Standing at roughly six feet in height, or perhaps a bit more, Taran appears as a young man of slender but athletic build and strong features. His golden blond hair is meticulously kept in a braid that falls to his waist, and it tends to shine when light strikes it. His eyes are an intense shade of arctic blue.

He wears, at present, a simple white swordsman's tunic - tucked in at the waist, with long cuffs that extend halfway to the elbow, but cut to be loose and free elsewhere, restricting no movement. On the back of his left hand is a tattoo of a red heater shield, with a golden sunburst crest. A black leather belt, well-made but unremarkable, holds a standard belt pouch at his waist, and an ancient dagger whose pommelstone is a glowing piece of amber. His trousers are a sturdy but soft wool, dyed a dark navy blue, and his black leather boots are well-cared for but somewhat worn.

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