Full Name: Veronica Nayelenor Chantris
Alias(es): Roni or Ronni
Title(s): none
Status: in good standing
Mother: Mon commoner
Father: Nathan
Bloodline(s): Chantris, Faiella, Montevalno
Birth1: 23 BC
Death: Living
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Apparent Age: mid to late 20s
OOC Info
Theme Song: none yet
Played By: Stana Katic

Veronica is the illegitimate daughter of Nathan Chantris, born to a commoner from Fiorra in Montevalno. As is befitting for a member of a family that prizes knowledge, she found the family because of a few pictures of her father drawn by her mother and a journal in which her mother made some references to her father. After having finding the connection and traveling to Amber she met with Duke Cyrus and was recognized by him.

After her arrival in Amber years ago, Veronica met and befriended her half-sister, Imre Ulani and opened a clothing shop at the intersection of Weavers Street and the Main Concourse in Amber City, which is named Pelle e Pizzo. At the time she resided in a suite in the Chantris mansion.

She had been missing for years and was last seen in the Chantris Library but has recently resurfaced.



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